deep, inspirational... Madelline’s new single “ghost”

“ anthem about finding a sense of calm surrounding solitude and loneliness”


New Album « Radio Batata » — Mehdi Cayenne

Mehdi Cayenne presents his 4th album "Radio Batata", with a mesmerizing, colorful and warm videoclip! Available on every platforms!


« Interwine » with funk master : Fredy .V

Fredy V unveils his new track « Intertwine » with a sensual and surprising dance performance by Anne-Rose Cupidon, supported by Anomalie’s captivating melodies.


madelline’s new videoclip “WISH I COULD SEE” is out

Very indie pop infuenced, Madelline is bringing you a perfect mix : deep lyrics and catchy melodies. Discover her theatrical universe through a very original and inspired videoclip.



Les Poules à Colin will perform in Canada, USA, Germany and France during their summer tour !


release party for The Ragers !

The Ragers will be at Ausgang Plaza on July 12th for the release party of their new album « Raw Footage », which is already a hit !.. Will you be there ?