F R E D Y V.


Songwriter, composer, performer and bassist, Fredy V has been burning up Montreal's funk and hip-hop scene for several years now with his band The Foundation.

In 2014, he released a first EP "Varsity" followed by his first album "#ItTakesAVillage" in 2017. Since then he has released several successful collaborations, among others with the talented Karim Ouellet and DJ Shash'u.

Fredy V also writes songs and compositions for television, such as the TV show Les Poilus.

After a tour in the US and two amazing performances at the 2018 Montreal Jazz Festival, he continues on an upward momentum, and is primed to release a video for ‘Intertwine’ as well as currently working on new songs in French, in collaboration with artists including Malika Tirolien, and Marco Volcy, international talents from the quebecan music scene.

Late 2018, Fredy V unveils the official video of his single "Intertwine"; produced by the virtuoso keyboard Anomalie in Fredy’s debute album #ItTakesAVillage.

Discover a more vulnerable side of the Montreal’s funk master, who shares the screen with the incomparable Haitian dancer-actress Anne-Rose Cupidon, whose intimate interpretation is no less inspiring.

Somewhere between the breathtaking performance of Anne-Rose and the synthesized texture of the piece, the organic visuals of director Louis-Philippe Chagnon capture all the sensuality and elegance of this modern funk ballad.