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Words and Music Magazine Features Harris & Wolff

Harris & Wolff represents about 50 artists, of which about 30 exclusively create audio-visual music. And their catalogue grows and diversifies on a daily basis. “What we offer is curated content,” says Harris. “A lot of companies go into licensing and simply sign as many artists as they can, who are totally interchangeable to them. We choose them carefully, and we create playlists for different atmospheres, which is very helpful for our clients.”

“We work with real artists that have actual personalities, not anonymous composers whose work is the musical equivalent of stock photography.” — Denis Wolff of Harris & Wolff
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Mary Catherine Harris


Bio Pic - Mary

Mary Catherine Harris, owner GENISON Music, now leads a dynamic, new music publishing company, providing artists, labels and composers with music licensing and administration services.  Prior, she was founding partner of Third Side Music, heading the marketing and publishing administration departments for almost a decade. Third Side became a go-to source of high quality music, generating hundreds of licenses monthly for film and television shows, ads, trailers and video games, including such high profile series as Mad Men, Entourage, Lost Girl, Californication.

Working closely with major Canadian talents such as DJ Champion, the Besnard Lakes, Dobacaracol, Malajube, Final Fantasy, We Are Wolves, Duchess Says, Florence K , she also administered catalogues from labels and publishers for North America including Ninja Tune and Tru Thoughts, Union Square Music, Naive and Warp Music (Canada) and worked with a select roster of composers for film and television scoring.

Through her involvement in various aspects of the entertainment business, she has gained a wide knowledge of publishing and entertainment businesses, consulting with artists and labels to develop business plans and promotional strategies. She has coordinated major events, she has organized record launches and showcases and provided management, production and administrative services for artists and songwriters, as well as participating in various conferences and seminars and teaching music business courses at Trebas Institute.




Cyril L’Allinec

Assistant   Photo de Cyril L'Allinec

After a major in communication, Cyril moved to Montreal to study journalism and explore the famous local music scene. After helping developing artists as a journalist, Cyril switched career and joined Genison to become a music licensing assistant. Contacting music supervisors, creating music pitches…. Cyril is in touch with a new part of the industry, with the same mission : reveal new talents.