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Words and Music Magazine Features Harris & Wolff

Harris & Wolff represents about 50 artists, of which about 30 exclusively create audio-visual music. And their catalogue grows and diversifies on a daily basis. “What we offer is curated content,” says Harris. “A lot of companies go into licensing and simply sign as many artists as they can, who are totally interchangeable to them. We choose them carefully, and we create playlists for different atmospheres, which is very helpful for our clients.”

“We work with real artists that have actual personalities, not anonymous composers whose work is the musical equivalent of stock photography.” — Denis Wolff of Harris & Wolff
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Music publishing

Genison focuses on generating substantial and regular streams of income for the copyrights under its control. Genison has built strong relationships with key film/television producers, record companies and advertising agencies and other music users giving us an added advantage in soliciting licenses

Services to composers and songwriters:

  • Represent exceptional songs, catalogs and creators
  • Protect copyrights, administer musical works, negotiate their use and collect income internationally.
  • Effectively market works in our catalogue and promote the works and the creators
  • Ensure longevity and financial security for our writers and composers
  • Extend the value of music copyrights and expand the reach throughout North America and beyond
  • Facilitate contact between creators and those who need music

Genison also offers Rights Administration, management and collection from all revenue streams for labels and other owners of music catalogues.

Administration of Publishing Rights

Administration of Publishing Rights

  • Registration  of works with rights management companies
  • Declaration  to companies with respect to the uses of works
  • Management of copyrights
  • Reports for distributions, statements and audits
  • International network
  • Uploading to BDS database
  • Processing of applications for use for synchronization rights,  graphic rights
  • Possibility of related rights management for performers and producers


Clients can deal directly with our licensing representatives for advice or to help find the ideal songs for their projects, or our composers can create custom work to suit the client’s needs.