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Our demo policy

We will listen to unsolicited material but we cannot guarantee that you will be contacted if you submit to us.


How do I submit my music?

In order to pitch you music to our compagny, please provide  our compagny with the following information:

  • one page bio, with career highlights
  • your contact info (email and phone number)
  • previous and upcoming shows
  • press samples (non mandatory)
  • links to website, music
  • if you have already license your songs anywhere, please let us know.
  • you can attach one to three songs. The songs should be in MP3 format.

We will listen to unsolicited material but cannot guarantee that you will be contacted if you submit to us

You can submit it to music@genison.ca

Copyright 101

Q&As for a general understanding of licensing contracts.

When do I need a license?

You need a license whenever you use music in any project such as a sound recording that will be broadcast or exploited publicly or for a work that will be part of an audiovisual production.

What type of license do I need?

Here are the basics types :

  • Synchronization License (ex: film tv, ads, games)
  • Master Use License (ex: film, tv, ads, games)
  • Mechanical License (for duplication; ex: CDs)
  • Videogram License (for video cassette, DVD)
  • Grand Rights License (permission to perform a work dramatically)
  • New Media License (computer software, internet)

What is  a synchronization license?

A synchronization license gives the right to use music in connection with a visual image such as a motion picture, picture, video, advertising commercial.

What is a master use license?

For permission to use the original recording of a work in a media project – film, television, ad or other –  you are required to obtain a Master Use License from the copyright owner of the sound recording. If you are obtaining the master rights, you need to secure the synch rights as well. A master license is obtained from  owner of the recording, often a  record label.

You may choose to rerecord a work to your specifications. If this is the case you will only be required to obtain synchronization rights.