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Mehdi Cayenne


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With a wide sonic palette mixing the sweet and the abrasive, Mehdi Cayenne has been developing his eclectic, minimalistic and evocative approach over three LPs so far: “Luminata” in 2011, “Na Na Boo Boo” in 2013, and “Aube” in 2015. He proposes a colourful and fiery repertoire of post-punk songs that blend world, pop, folk rock and funk in his very particular way. His songs possess something animalistic as well as a poetic sweetness, evoking a musical culture of every stripe and every era.


TOUR DATES – Europe Spring 2018

20.03.18 BAR LE DUC (55) – Scène Nationale (W/ Samuele)
22.03.18 NOYON (60) – Théâtre du Chevalet (W/ Samuele)

23.03.18 BRUXELLES – WHalll (W/ Samuele)
25.03.18 LAON (02) – Maison des Arts et Loisirs (W/ Samuele)
27.03.18 SOISSONS (02) – Le Mail (W/ Samuele)
29.03.18 HAZEBROUCK (59) – Centre André Malraux (W/ Samuele)
30.03.18 GAUCHY (02) – Maison des loisirs et de la culture (W/ Samuele)