Willows (Genevieve Toupin)




















Geneviève Toupin’s road to the release of The Ocean Pictures Project reads like a traditional folk tale, a kind of tapestry woven together fromvarious traditions and lands. After winning numerous prizes in Canada for her self-titled French debut album in 2009, Toupin released her first English-language album in October 2012.

Since the release of her last album she has been performing both near and far, with a growing audience in France and Switzerland, as well as across Canada and Quebec. She also recently garnered attention for her Tournée des Cafés, a web-series co-created in 2011 with Pierre-Luc Racine which saw her performing her songs with various guests all over Montreal in small environmentally-responsible cafés. The project was such a success that Toupin recently fiilmed new episodes for broadcast on TFO in 2013.