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Fredy V shares the brand new single Plus Jamais, featuring french folk singer Karim Ouellet. This delicate acoustic ballad is a culmination of the two songwriters abilities to craft intelligent music with extremely catchy melodies. We can clearly hear Fredy’s soulful voice and Karim’s signature sound. There’s also a video clip!  

Fredy V will play 2 times at the Montreal Jazz Festival, on July 6th and 7th, accompanied by his band The Foundation! Among other things, you will discover some songs from his latest album #ItTakesAVillage, but also his new funk and groovy single “Free Yourself” produced by Dj Shash’u! In addition, Fredy V will perform […]

Les Poules à Colin will be on tour in Canada, the US, Germany and France over the next months!   TOUR DATES: 24 June Fête Nat’l du Québec – Place des Festivals, Montreal 26 June Parc Grenier,  Verdun (QC) 30 June-1 July  Chants de Vielles, Saint-Antoine-s-Richelieu (QC)   5-6 July Festival Pause Guitare –  Québecofolies Albi , FR 8 July Festival […]

Taste maker label Saboteur Records release the LP « Raw Footage », the northern new school street beats from Ragers, Raw Footage embodies modern pop & hip hop, musical proficiency, on point flow and the bands undeniable talent in creating catchy hooks & melodies. This a release and act to watch.   Raw Footage strips off the […]